Unlock the True Potential of These Micronutrients


Critical for immune health. Plays an important role in cellular structure, function and metabolism, growth and neurobehavioural development.


Healthy development and ongoing functions of your central nervous system, as well as immune function.


Cellular reactions, making DNA, and maintaining a healthy heartbeat. Brain, heart and skeletal muscle function.


Bone health, nerve transmission, blood vessel integrity and blood circulation.

About the Founder

Amy Golumbia’s mission is to contribute to ending hidden hunger (micronutrient deficiency), reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, combat viruses, and overcome immunodeficiency syndromes. No biggie, right? Seems like a lot until you meet Amy and see the passion in her heart and soul. Born and raised in Canmore, Alberta, Canada among the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Amy is a holistic nutritionist, wife, mother of six, a competitive trail runner, and CEO of 5Peaks Trail Running Canada.

Amy has been passionate about health and wellness and competitive trail running all of her life. In 2009, Amy was the Canadian Mountain Running Champion and she represented Canada twice at the World Mountain Running Trophy. She began her education in nursing at University of Alberta and a few years into her degree she realized that she wanted to work in preventative health and switched to study holistic nutrition. Amy became a holistic nutritionist in 2005 and CEO and National Race Director of 5Peaks in 2013 to take the Canadian trail running community to the next level.

As a holistic nutritionist, Amy discovered an ongoing problem: an anti-nutrient called phytate was interrupting nutrient absorption in populations all over the world and could be largely responsible for many of the huge micronutrient deficiencies that affect over 2 billion people worldwide. In 2009, Amy started researching how the enzyme phytase could neutralize phytate. According to published studies, phytase has been used in animal nutrition for decades to improve the bioavailability of certain minerals in feed. Research into the use of phytase in humans has been proven to help with various micronutrient deficiencies as well. The scale of micronutrient deficiency is both local and global, in all countries. This problem needs to be addressed on a global scale and it is Amy’s dream to help people everywhere get better access to optimal health through better absorption of essential micronutrients. 

Fighting phytate

Equal Access works by counteracting the anti-nutrient PHYTATE with PHYTASE. Phytate is an anti-nutrient present on ALL grains, nuts, beans, and seeds. It’s like a self-protective coating, or winter jacket, for these foods to store their nutrients for plant growth when it's time to germinate.

If you’re eating any grains, nuts, seeds, cereals, pastas, rice, crackers, beans, lentils or any products derived from these foods, you are likely ingesting large amounts of the anti-nutrient, phytate. Phytate actually prevents you from absorbing vitamins and minerals in these foods or from any of the expensive vitamins you take. 

Eating these foods are important for nutrients and energy in your body, however, your body can only absorb these nutrients in your stomach once you dissolve or counteract the phytate.

Equal Access does that for you so you can get the most out of your food.

Access new energy, immunity, and strength.

There are TWO ways to dissolve phytate:

1)  Soak, sprout, slow-cook, or ferment your food ahead of time to remove 50%-70% of phytate from your food. A great option, yet challenging with a busy schedule and still doesn't counteract all the phytate. 

2) Take one tiny Equal Access capsule at each meal to counteract ALL the phytate in your food!

Help your body to create a healthier and more stable environment for micronutrients to be absorbed at the right time. Adding Equal Access to your daily routine will help you fight all the phytate in your food and access new energy, immunity, and strength.

Take 2-3 tiny capsules total per day at mealtime when you eat grains, nuts, beans, and seeds.

Less than $2 per day!

Meredith June Edwards


“Since starting this enzyme my ferritin has stabilized around the 90's (without infusions) my recovery/energy has never been better. I've been able to handle moderately high mileage, 9 weeks over 53 to 64 with 2 lactic threshold workouts a week. I seriously have not felt this good in years. You don't need to be anemic to see the difference. This mix of phytase can also help boost immune system and energy. Honestly I'm so grateful for this product because I truly believe this gave my life back. Thank you Amy for changing my life and helping when the medical world failed.“ 

Instagram: @merejune

Devin Featherstone

Father, fire fighter, endurance athlete and photographer

“As a father, fire fighter and endurance athlete it is important to stay healthy and take care of myself. Trying to maximize nutrition and energy can be hard, especially as I’m always on the go. I’ve only been taking Equal Access for a month now and am surprised at how much more sustained energy I have throughout the day. I used to have mid day crashes of fatigue and that has stopped since taking the enzyme. My energy and alertness are consistent day to day and my runners gut has settled down. I am extremely happy and thankful to have added Equal Access to my diet and lifestyle because it has only helped me be a better father, fire fighter and athlete.”

Instagram: @dfeatherstone

Kara Leinweber

Trail/ultra runner, momma to two busy boys, race director, consultant

"I practice clean eating and include plant based meals at least 3 times a week. My energy has been severely lacking for six months (I would have put it at about negative 5) and I have tried to get my mojo back through additional sleep, meditation, revisiting nutrition and so forth. While these things helped, it wasn't enough. I started taking Equal Access six weeks ago and noticed the change within two weeks. I wasn't groggy in the morning and felt rested, my body seemed to respond better to clean foods (no bloat) and I was fuller faster and able to transition to smaller meals throughout the day, which supports my activities and lifestyle. My energy is now at least 8/10.

I finally feel like I am getting my feet back under me and am ready to tackle my check lists and training schedule!”

Instagram: @karaleiny

Amy's Mission

I started Access Nutrients in 2019 to:

• Arm you and your immune system with the tools you need to fight disease

• Empower you with information and research

• Eradicate disease and hidden hunger in impoverished communities

• Address World Health Organization’s (WHO) Millennium Development Goals:

    Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
    Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality
    Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health
    Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Other Diseases

Tiny and Mighty

Our goal is to tackle hidden hunger (micronutrient deficiency) so that future generations are less susceptible to disease.

One-for-one: Equal Access

For every bottle purchased, we donate a bottle to a non-profit or NGO in the USA, or around the world.

Would you like to have Equal Access donated to your non-profit organization or NGO that's fighting hidden hunger?


Our products are made and shipped with the least environmental impact possible.

In the News: Phytase Added to SQ-LNS Increased Zinc Absorption

In their guest blog for IZiNCG, Sarah Zyba and Ryan Wessells from UC Davis describe the findings from a randomized controlled trial where the addition of exogenous phytase to small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements (SQ-LNS) increased absorption of zinc from a meal of millet-based porridge containing SQ-LNS in young Gambian children.

Would you like to become an ambassador for Access Nutrients?

Would you like to become an ambassador for Access Nutrients?

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